The Writing Team


Jenny Turner Hall and Marcy Thompson met in the parking lot of a big box store somewhere east of a major suburban highway. They have written, produced, and performed their original work for nearly a decade, including scripted podcasts, plays, vaudeville shows, and television. They also appear as a popular comedy act. Turner Hall won a Peabody Award in 2017 for her work as a creator/writer on the podcast Mars Patel.

The duo’s off-center point of view has caught the attention of many press outlets and has garnered a rabid following. They’ve been covered by the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Star Ledger, Deadline, CBS and ABC News, National Public Radio, Public Radio International, and The Atlantic’s City Lab.


Their work together includes:

  • Post Mortem: Exhuming the Life of Mary Shelley (theatre)

  • Scream: An Evening With Edgar Allen Poe and his Ladies (theatre)

  • The Speakeasy Series (theatre)

  • Milkwood (podcast)

  • Biscuits & Bourbon (podcast)

  • The Fixers (podcast)

  • The B Word (podcast)

  • Stick it in Your Ear (podcast)